Novena of Meditations

for the year of the

What’s this about?

We are a group of people from Brisbane who support the ordination of women, and who want to celebrate the 20th anniversary of ordination of women to the priesthood in the Anglican Church of Australia.  This year, 2012, is the year of the anniversary.  We would like to offer a series of meditations both actual and virtual…

We decided on a “Novena” of meditations, ie nine days of meditations.  The first will coincide with the anniversary date of the consecration of the first woman bishop in Australia in 2008, Bishop Kay Goldsworthy in Perth.  This will take place on the 22nd May.  The last of the meditations will take place on the 30th May the day before the anniversary date of the consecration of Australia’s second woman bishop, Bishop Barbara Darling in Melbourne.  The first and last meditations will be led by the Rev’d Dr Cathy Thomson and The Rev’d Canon Dr Marian Free in Christ Church Parish Church, St Lucia and in St Augustine’s Parish Church in Hamilton, respectively (See the programme below). Other women ordained or lay, may wish to gather and lead groups on the days of these two meditations in the various regions of the Brisbane Diocese and beyond.

The other seven meditations will appear on this blog for use by individuals or small groups – by anyone who would like to use them.  Each of the meditations will be composed by a woman ordained or lay of good standing with the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Brisbane.  An attempt has been made to choose contributors broadly representative of women in the diocese.

Men as well as women are invited to attend and/or participate in the meditations.

The nine reflections will be circulated throughout the diocese, and more widely through women’s networks.  They will also appear in this “Blog.”

Programme of Meditations:

Tuesday 22nd May: Meditation 1 (Actual): Click here to view

Written and led by The Rev’d Dr Cathy Thomson: Followed by Cheese and Wine.

7.30pm Christ Church Anglican Church, St Lucia.

(cnr Central and Ninth Avenues, St Lucia).

Wednesday 23rd May: Meditation 2 (Virtual):  Click here to view

Written by The Rev’d Gaye Nye.

Thursday 24th May: Meditation 3 (Virtual): Click here to view

Written by The Venerable Val Graydon. To be confirmed

Friday 25th May: Meditation 4 (Virtual): Click here to view

Written by The Rev’d Keren Terpstra.

Saturday 26th May: Meditation 5 (Virtual)  Click here to view

Written by Mavis Rose (Movement for the Ordination of Women)

Sunday 27th May: Meditation 6 (Virtual)  Click here to view

Written by The Rev’d Jan Crombie

 Monday 28th May: Meditation 7 (Virtual)  Click here to view

Written by Justice Deborah Mullins

Tuesday 29th May: Meditation 8 (Virtual) Click here to view

Written by The Rev’d Patricia Courtenay (priest – Aboriginal) to be confirmed

Wednesday 30th May: Meditation 9 (Actual)  Click here to view

Written & led by The Rev’d Canon Dr Marian Free. Followed by Supper.

7.30pm  St Augustine’s Church, Hamilton.

(9 Charlton St, Hamilton)

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