Book – An invitation to Women priests in the Diocese of Brisbane

You are invited to join us in an exciting creative project to mark the 20 Year Anniversary of women priests in this diocese.

We would like to publish a book of “artistic expressions of faith” from women priests of this diocese, 2012, as a gift to this diocese and the church. The plan would be to launch it at the formal dinner November 30, which is the end of year activity for the year’s celebrations. It is also good timing for people to purchase for Christmas gifts!

Our initial brainstorming began with poetry; and then acknowledged that some women express their faith in paint and art; and then some in tapestry and materials and wood; others in liturgy and other word settings; etc etc etc!! And so the invitation is for each of us to contribute in the form of creative spirituality that we would like to.


Heidi Monsour, Director of Marketing and Communications, is helping the team with the whole year activities, and is particularly excited about this project. She is going to seek a publishing sponsor – if you have any connections please be in touch. Meanwhile, we think this is what it will look like and the criteria:

* An A5 size book, with one page for each contribution.
* An “end notes” section with each contributor expressing in 50 words, or less, the inspiration behind the work, eg, the scripture or experience, etc.
* If not words, your expressions could be a photograph of your piece of work; or indeed, if photography is your thing, the photo!

The timeline is to have contributions in by the end of August. We are sending out the notice now as we are conscious that this takes time, and that some may like to use the opportunity of Retreats to work on their contribution. We also hope to run a Workshop (open to all) on art/visual theology and spiritual poetry/writing which could be the stimulus for your offering.(Watch this space!)

Cover for book

Cover for book – a beginning


The cover of the book will be a “patchwork quilt”. We are asking all the women priests to contribute a patch. Fabric is available from Gillian Moses or you may choose a piece that is significant for you. Please forward your patches to Gillian.

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